Using Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration in Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations, Failed to load in Azure..

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Practical 365 Blog
Using Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration in Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations
Control Your Configuration as Migrations Unfold It can be quite a challenge to maintain workload configurations in a …
− Julian Stephan • 11 hours ago
Practical 365 Blog
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Failed to load in Azure Synapse Workspace
After last week’s post about how to configure Azure Synapse Link to export data from Dataverse into SQL Server, today…
− Pieter Veenstra • 9 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Recording Video Feature Now Available for Stream for SharePoint
Another Functionality Gap Plugged Microsoft 365 notification MC400977 (updated August 31) covers the introduction of …
− Tony Redmond • 21 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Office 365 blog
Exploiting Azure AD PTA vulnerabilities: Creating backdoor and harvesting credentials
In 13 September 2022, Secureworks published a Threat Analysis: Azure Active Directory Pass-Through Authentication Fla…
16 hours ago
Office 365 blog
Office 365 Reports
Schedule Teams Chat Messages for Effective Collaboration
Now, Microsoft Teams has become a major part, especially in remote work-life. Over the past few years, Teams usa…
− Clara Jayden • 5 hours ago
Office 365 Reports
Cloudficient » Office 36
What to Know About DuckDuckGo Blocking Microsoft Tracking Scripts
In May 2022, a security researcher discovered that DuckDuckGo, a company that offers a privacy-oriented search engine…
49 mins ago
Cloudficient » Office 36
Take control of your guests with the External Identities Policy
Check out this article via web browser: Take control of your guests with the External Identities Policy Today we take…
− Jan Bakker • 8 hours ago
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