Strengthening your Microsoft 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration PowerShell Script, Debug Compose actions and..

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Office 365 Blogs
Practical 365 Blog
Strengthening your Microsoft 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration PowerShell Script
This article discusses the addition of a Group Membership report and a Mailbox Permission report to a PowerShell scri…
− Sean McAvinue • 14 hours ago
Practical 365 Blog
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Debug Compose actions and Conditions in Power Automate
Debug compose actions and condition steps can be difficult as flow runs will only show the output of your expressions…
− Pieter Veenstra • 13 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Using Azure Key Vault with Microsoft 365 PowerShell
Storing Script Secrets Safely in Azure Key Vault In my article about posting messages to Teams channels using Azure A…
− Tony Redmond • 14 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Leon Armston’s Blog
New **PREVIEW** Power Automate Action: Generate Document Using SharePoint Syntex
I’ve just spotted something very exciting in my M365 tenant a new PREVIEW action in Power Automate & Azure Logic …
− Leon Armston • 14 hours ago
Leon Armston's Blog
Microsoft 365 Pro
Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Setting your Download Location in the Teams Desktop Client
Written: 14/08/2022 | Updated: N/A A few years ago, I used to attend lot of sessions called Ask Me Anything’s (AMA) o…
− microsoft365pro • 20 hours ago
Microsoft 365 Pro
Cloudficient » Office 36
Legacy Archive Systems vs Open Storage Archive Systems
Most large organizations are familiar with having to archive data (emails, electronic files, etc.) and many have chos…
10 hours ago
Cloudficient » Office 36
Vasil Michev’s Blog
New Audit search UI in the Purview Compliance portal
An year ago, the first iteration of the Audit Search UI was released, and I wasn’t impressed by it, to put it mildly….
− Vasil Michev • 10 hours ago
Vasil Michev's Blog
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