Report SSPR Status for Azure AD Accounts, OSINT, Exploiting Azure AD PTA vulnerabilities: Creating backdoor..

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Report SSPR Status for Azure AD Accounts
Use Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK Cmdlets to Report Accounts Not Yet Set Up for SSPR A tweet by Nathan McNulty about…
− Tony Redmond • 20 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
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Office 365 blog
Tenant information This Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) tool will extract openly available information for the given…
16 hours ago
Office 365 blog
Exploiting Azure AD PTA vulnerabilities: Creating backdoo… • 16 hours ago
Hunt for the gMSA secrets • 16 hours ago
AADInternals World Tour August 2022: USA • 16 hours ago
Stealing and faking Azure AD device identities • 16 hours ago
Microsoft partners: The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly? • 16 hours ago
Talks • 16 hours ago
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Cloudficient » Office 36
How Microsoft HoloLens Could Benefit the U.S. Army
After a year of controversy and debate, the U.S. Army has finally received its first order of the Microsoft HoloLens….
2 hours ago
Cloudficient » Office 36
Warner Digital
SharePoint PnP Viva Connections & SPFx JS SIG Call – October 20th, 2022 – Screenshot Summary
Community Call Highlights SharePoint Quicklinks: Primary Community Websites: —– P…
− David Warner II • 31 mins ago
Warner Digital
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