Microsoft release updates to enable removing your last Hybrid Exchange Server, and, Microsoft Revamps..

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Office 365 Blogs
Practical 365 Blog
Microsoft release updates to enable removing your last Hybrid Exchange Server, and
Can you remove the last Exchange Server? Perhaps – but not without a few caveats. Read our take on this new capabilit…
− Steve Goodman • 1 hour ago
Practical 365 Blog
Microsoft Revamps Exchange On-Premises Servicing Model • 1 hour ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Viva Topic Cards Arrive in OWA
Client Support for Topic Cards Makes Viva Topics More Usefu Viva Topics is part of the Microsoft Viva suite. I happen…
− Tony Redmond • 22 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
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MessageOps Blog
How to Manage Multicloud Cost Environments the Smart Way
As organizations adopt hybrid working and continue to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, many have used multi…
− MessageOps Team • 3 hours ago
MessageOps Blog
Vasil Michev’s Blog
Can you delete mailbox items on hold via the Graph API?
Yesterday, I has a short debate with regards to how the Recoverable items structure works in Exchange, and whether on…
− Vasil Michev • 17 hours ago
Vasil Michev's Blog
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