Matthew Devaney: Top Blog Sites To Follow, Display the environment name in your Canvas App in Power Apps,..

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Office 365 Blogs
Matthew Devaney: Top Blog Sites To Follow
Who is Matthew Devaney? Matthew Devaney is a Microsoft MVP with years of experience in the industry. He also holds a …
− Connor Deasey (Collab365) • 2 hours ago
Display the environment name in your Canvas App in Power Apps
So you start using environments and you deploy the app across multiple environment. How do users know which environme…
− Pieter Veenstra • 2 hours ago
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Office 365 for IT Pros
Stream on SharePoint is Fundamentally Different to Stream Classic
Useful Spreadsheet to Understand Changes Two weeks ago, I reviewed the new Stream (on SharePoint) client. The client …
− Tony Redmond • 16 hours ago
Office 365 for IT Pros
Efficiency 365 Blog
How to share a file in Teams Chat for everyone to edit
Like any other chat, you can share a file in Teams Chat. So why do we need to write an article about it? Because shar…
− Dr Nitin Paranjape • 22 hours ago
Efficiency 365 Blog
Vasil Michev’s Blog
Managing SharePoint Online tenant settings via the Graph API
While the Graph API has a good coverage of “end user” endpoints, which cover most client scenarios, the “admin” part …
− Vasil Michev • 13 hours ago
Vasil Michev's Blog
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