Make Sure Your Implementation of Autodiscover Avoids Common Pitfalls, Configure Dataverse exports using..

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Practical 365 Blog
Make Sure Your Implementation of Autodiscover Avoids Common Pitfalls
During a recent project, I encountered a situation where the Autodiscover service was set up incorrectly. The misconf…
− James Yip • 13 hours ago
Practical 365 Blog
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Configure Dataverse exports using Azure Synapse Links for Azure SQL Databases
In this post I’m looking at the Azure SQL databases option that is part of the Azure Synapse link configuration. A bi…
− Pieter Veenstra • 8 hours ago
Vasil Michev’s Blog
Send as alias for a Shared mailbox in Exchange Online
Not sure if this has been available since the introduction of the Send As Alias feature in Microsoft 365 a while back…
− Vasil Michev • 12 hours ago
Vasil Michev's Blog
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