Exchange Online Archive Mailboxes Move Away from Purview Compliance Portal, Microsoft Teams Shared Channels..

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Exchange Online Archive Mailboxes Move Away from Purview Compliance Portal
Archive Mailboxes Return to Exchange Admin Center Microsoft 365 notification MC433154 (posted 29 August) brought the …
− Tony Redmond • 21 hours ago
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Microsoft Teams Shared Channels – A Game Changer
Shared Channels, one of Microsoft’s most anticipated updates, is now available to all tenants. It allows users to hav…
− Praba • 4 hours ago
Office 365 Reports
Microsoft 365 Security
Mitigating CVE-2022-41040 with Exchange On-premises Mitigation Tool v2
CVE-2022-41040 is a SSRF vulnerability that recently came out, which impacts On-Premises Exchange servers. CVE-2022-4…
− m365guy • 10 hours ago
Microsoft 365 Security
How to upgrade the CU level of an On-Premises Exchange se… • 10 hours ago
AvePoint » Office36
What is a Salesforce Sandbox?
Have you heard of Salesforce Sandboxes but aren’t entirely sure what they entail? Click here for a quick explanation …
− Marciana Davis • 21 hours ago
AvePoint » Office36
How to Create a New Google Calendar
This article will outline how you can create a new google calendar in 6 simple steps. You create a new Google Calenda…
− Jon Harris • 8 hours ago
Common problems with Outlook 2019 and How to Fix Them • 20 hours ago
Jasper Oosterveld
Rencore blog: SharePoint vs. OneDrive – what’s the difference?
I wrote a blog for my German friends over at Rencore! Click here to read it.
− Jasper Oosterveld • 22 hours ago
Jasper Oosterveld
The road to Microsoft MVP and beyond
Check out this article via web browser: The road to Microsoft MVP and beyond Today, a slightly different post. I thin…
− Jan Bakker • 5 hours ago
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