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As of November 2022, Here I’ve prepared detailed feature comparison table on AzureAD Premium License.

Microsoft AzureAD Entra

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that combines core directory services, application access management and advanced identity protection.

NoCategoryFeaturesAzureAD FreeAzureAd Premium Plan1AzureAD Premmium Plan2
1Authentication, single sign-on and multifactor authentication (MFA)Cloud authentication
(Pass-through authentication, password hash synchronization)
Federated authentication

(Active Directory Federation Services or federation with other identity providers)
Single sign-on (SSO) unlimitedYESYESYES
Multifactor authentication (MFA)YESYESYES

(Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator, FIDO2 security key integrations
Service-level agreementNOYESYES
SaaS apps with modern authentication

(Azure AD application gallery apps, SAML, and OAUTH 2.0)
2Applications AccessGroup assignment to applicationsNOYESYES
Cloud app discovery (Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps)NOYESYES
Application Proxy for on-premises, header-based, and Integrated Windows AuthenticationNOYESYES
Secure hybrid access partnerships

(Kerberos, NTLM, LDAP, RDP, and SSH authentication)
3Authorization and Conditional AccessRole-based access control (RBAC)YESYESYES
Conditional AccessNOYESYES
SharePoint limited accessNOYESYES
Session lifetime managementNOYESYES
Identity Protection

(Risky sign-ins, risky users, risk-based conditional access)
Custom security attributesNOYESYES
4Administration and hybrid identityUser and group managementYESYESYES
Advanced group management

(Dynamic groups, naming policies, expiration, default classification)
Directory synchronization—Azure AD Connect (sync and cloud sync)YESYESYES
Azure AD Connect Health reportingNOYESYES
Delegated administration—built-in rolesYESYESYES
Global password protection and management – cloud-only usersYESYESYES
Global password protection and management – custom banned passwords, users synchronized from on-premises Active DirectoryNOYESYES
Microsoft Identity Manager user client access license (CAL)NOYESYES
5End-user self-serviceApplication launch portal (My Apps)YESYESYES
User application collections in My AppsYESYESYES
Self-service account management portal (My Account)YESYESYES
Self-service password change for cloud usersYESYESYES
Self-service password reset/change/unlock with on-premises write-backNOYESYES
Self-service sign-in activity search and reportingNOYESYES
Self-service group management (My Groups)NOYESYES
Self-service entitlement management (My Access)NONOYES
6Identity GovernanceAutomated user provisioning to appsYESYESYES
Automated group provisioning to appsNOYESYES
HR-driven provisioningNOYESYES
Terms of use attestationNOYESYES
Access certifications and reviewsNONOYES
Entitlements managementNONOYES
Privileged Identity Management (PIM), just-in-time accessNONOYES
7Event logging and reportingBasic security and usage reportsYESYESYES
Advanced security and usage reportsNOYESYES
Identity Protection: vulnerabilities and risky accountsNONOYES
Identity Protection: risk events investigation, SIEM connectivityNONOYES
8Frontline workersSMS sign-inNOYESYES
Shared device sign-outNOYESYES
Delegated user management portal (My Staff)NOYESYES
AzureAD Premium license feature comparison.

Premium P1

Designed to empower organisations with more demanding identity and access management needs, Azure Active Directory Premium edition adds feature-rich enterprise-level identity management capabilities and enables hybrid users to seamlessly access on-premises and cloud capabilities. This edition includes everything you need for information worker and identity administrators in hybrid environments across application access, self-service identity and access management (IAM) and security in the cloud.

Premium P2

Azure Active Directory Premium P2 includes every feature of all other Azure Active Directory editions enhanced with advanced identity protection and privileged identity management capabilities.

Feature comparisons for each tier located on Active Directory documentation.

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